Flash NAND Lite memory programmer! TSOP48

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  • sryuriy
    Level 4  
    It will be an opportunity for self-construction of new programmers?
  • funak
    Level 23  
    Only version 1.2 will be able to self-assembly.

    Version 2.0 will be much technologically advanced, so own assembly will be rather difficult.

    I will present everything soon.

    Fate is still ahead of version 1.2 to change the processor and thus introduce support for NOR memory. But then it will be in the TQFP100 housing, so it will be more difficult to mount it.
  • funak
    Level 23  
    In version 2.0 there will certainly be such a possibility.

    Version 1.2 I do not have confirmed information yet.
  • Reider
    Level 3  
    When will the English or Russian version of the software be available? One Polish is uncomfortable
  • lukasis6
    Level 13  
    Will the 2.0 programmer be able to program bones faster? Currently, K9GAG08U0E is programming in less than an hour ...
  • funak
    Level 23  
    Yes, for version 2.0 it will program bones faster, basically it will be technically limited to 40MB / s.

    Anyway, version 1.2 should do it faster.

    For K9GAG08U0E we will see after tests how much will come out :)

    On Monday, I expect US shipment with samples of connectors used in the project. I will see what quality they will be and generally how they will perform. A lot depends on them, so after testing the connectors, I will already have a full set of information on what the programmer will look like, what its options will be.

    I have great hope and plans that I will make it on December 1 with the release of a new type of programmer.

    A lot of work ahead of me, but it's worth thinking :)