Flash NAND Lite memory programmer! TSOP48

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  • Tertomium
    Level 2  
    Okay, because the device fails when I try to start / update smart hub. I have tried all dumps I have found around in the web.
  • lukasis6
    Level 17  
    Tertomium wrote:
    does the D5700 have the same Bad-Block support as the D5500, so can you use nandlite for correction?

    These are the same NAND bones and the same batch you can use.
  • Tertomium
    Level 2  
    Thanks for answering.
    Do you know why the tv breaks when i try to use smart hub?
    Maybe the nand itself or are there known bugs within nandlite which are not Resolved yet?
  • Wazier
    Level 1  

    Where can I buy the nand lite and shipped to the Netherlands?

    Thank you
  • SERGEY4273
    Level 1  
    Hello! How can I not flash atxmega128a4u, here is a snapshot Flash NAND Lite memory programmer! TSOP48 Am I flashing a ready-made programmer all the elements on the board, or do I need to flash atxmega without installing it on the board? Or so it should be stitched, but I can't, tell me how to fix it? Thank!