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Flash NAND Lite memory programmer! TSOP48

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  • guiji
    Level 1  
    Good morning, sorry for my Polish language, but it's through an online translator.
    Congratulations from Spain for the work done. After reading many posts, I decided to buy a nand lite programmer for aliexpress, but the seller who originally offered the software with English translation does not send it to me. I downloaded the software from here, but my knowledge of Polish is zero and I would like to know how to change the language or where can I download compatible software in English? Thank you.
  • sebastianpr
    Level 8  
    hello, what is the price of the programmer and will it read and save the memory SST39VF6401B-70-4C-EKE
  • Vitaliy2402
    Level 1  
    Hi, I want to ask, can you use your program to create a block problem table for a samsung d5500 without a programmer knowing what problems are defective blocks in a chip? It is enough to indicate the numbers of these blocks in the program? Thank you in advance.