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Flash NAND Lite memory programmer! TSOP48

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  • guiji
    Level 1  
    Good morning, sorry for my Polish language, but it's through an online translator.
    Congratulations from Spain for the work done. After reading many posts, I decided to buy a nand lite programmer for aliexpress, but the seller who originally offered the software with English translation does not send it to me. I downloaded the software from here, but my knowledge of Polish is zero and I would like to know how to change the language or where can I download compatible software in English? Thank you.
  • sebastianpr
    Level 8  
    hello, what is the price of the programmer and will it read and save the memory SST39VF6401B-70-4C-EKE
  • Vitaliy2402
    Level 1  
    Hi, I want to ask, can you use your program to create a block problem table for a samsung d5500 without a programmer knowing what problems are defective blocks in a chip? It is enough to indicate the numbers of these blocks in the program? Thank you in advance.
  • pitfermi
    Level 2  
    Hi, i would like to build one of these for personal use. Is it possible to share the pcb for print?? Do you offer it as a kit to reduce cost? do you have any available at the moment ready to ship? thanks
  • pitfermi
    Level 2  
    i change to english language on the top of the window but it doesnt do anything other than change the names of the tabs. what am i doing wrong?
  • futek2
    Level 18  
    This is my first time in this topic on the forum.
    This is because of my problem.
    I have a module on which there are two TSOP48 memories, type S29GL032N90TFII04 are 3.3V.
    And I need to read them, I have modest experience only based on the STK200 / STK300 programmer made by myself for BASCOM AVR.

    And I have a question if any of my colleagues was a hint on how to do only reading these flash memories without much effort.

    Of course, I reckon with the fact that I will have to desolder the memory and solder it to the transition plate to make a connection with the reading circuit.
    I can borrow a MINI PRO programmer but it only has a 40-pin connector and there is no TSOP48 to 40-pin adapter in the MINI PRO.

    A photo of a fragment of the board with these memory systems and a processor attached.

    Or maybe there is another option without desoldering and connect to the processor and do a reading.
    The pp board is powered entirely by 3.3V, so I would have to power it.
    There are 2 ETHERNET ports - RJ45 and two RS485 ports on the board.

    And maybe on the transition board, connect the pins with the memory so that the MINI PRO can only read the memory by inserting it as a different type so that only the reading pins and 3.3v voltage match.

    Please help.

    Best regards.
    Level 2  
    Hola a todos:
    Estoy programando una nand de los samsung serie D5500 que se cambió en un tv. Esta memoria cuando la borro me sale bloques defectuosos. Aún así la he programado pero cuando verifico llega un momento que salen errores de datos. ¿Puede ser que al ser una memoria ya usada que daba fallo de encendido sea por lo que da errores? Tengo pedidas nuevas para probar pero no me han llegado todavía.
  • jackfinch
    Level 16  
    @ futek2 for MiniPro you need a TSOP48 adapter to read this memory. Flash NAND Lite memory programmer! TSOP48
    Level 2  
    Witam wszystkich:
    Programuję nand z samsunga serii D5500, który został zamieniony w tv. Ta pamięć, kiedy ją kasuję, dostaję wadliwe bloki. Mam go jeszcze zaprogramowany, ale kiedy go sprawdzam, dostaję błędy danych. Czy może to być spowodowane tym, że jest to pamięć, która była już używana i dała awarię zasilania, że daje błędy? Zamówiłem nowe do przetestowania, ale jeszcze nie dotarły.

    Hi all:
    I am programming a nand from the samsung D5500 series that was swapped into a tv. This memory when I erase it I get faulty blocks. Still I have programmed it but when I check it comes a time when I get data errors. Could it be that being a memory already used that gave power failure is why it gives errors? I have ordered new ones to test but they have not arrived yet.
    Level 2  
    Hello: Does the NAND Lite program allow to manage bad blocks in samsung K9GAG08UOE memory?
    I am trying to write a memory and when I erase it, defective blocks appear. I have bought two new ones and also some defective blocks appear. I burn the file in this thread, and when I hit verify burn I start getting errors.
    I need your help
  • xspi13
    Level 10  
    A question for the developer of the programmer. Will v2.0 be available for self-build?
  • mmarc__
    Level 1  
    Hello, thanks for cool software! I'm a beginner in this area, I'm using Nand Lite programmer with an adapter (screenshot) to dump the contents of Macronix MX30LF2G18AC, and successfully get 276,824,064 bytes of data. But when I check the data (which is mostly JFFS), a lot of CRC checksum errors are posted, and some of the files are not readable. On the good side, multiple small text files could be read. Also I've noticed repeated reads of this chip do not produce exactly the same dump (SHA differs). Could you please kindly help me to explain these? Thanks a lot!

    Flash NAND Lite memory programmer! TSOP48 Flash NAND Lite memory programmer! TSOP48
  • funak
    Level 24  
    mmarc__ wrote:
    Hello, thanks for the cool software! I am a beginner in this field, I am using Nand Lite programmer with adapter (screenshot) to dump Macronix MX30LF2G18AC content and download 276 824 064 bytes of data successfully. But when I check data (mostly JFFS) I get a lot of CRC checksum errors and some files are not readable. On the other hand, many small text files can be read. I also noticed that multiple readings on this chip do not give the exact same dump (SHA difference). Could you kindly help me explain this? Thanks a lot!

    Flash NAND Lite memory programmer! TSOP48 Flash NAND Lite memory programmer! TSOP48

    This is not my programmer version. It is a clone of the original version of NANDLite.
    Therefore, I cannot provide technical and substantive support in this specific case.

    As for the v2.0 version, it will not be for self-assembly, unless I build an additionally improved version v1.1 and it would be for self-assembly.